How is Vendorland different?

Since we have announced the portal and put up the landing page, we have been receiving some really good vibes from the community. While most of them welcome the concept, many of the curious minds ask us, read more

Frequently occurring problems with today’s digital projects

If you are an entrepreneur you will know about the infinite number of things you have to manage. The most common one is to find the people who are directly responsible for building your business – designers and developers. An entrepreneur is looking for a partner not just an agency who does only what he has been asked to. read more

Vendorland is coming soon

Entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly important part of the society. Vendorland is made by people who believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship and the power it holds to bring change. The core reason we made vendorland was to connect people who share the same spirit and help each other build new things that matter. read more