Frequently occurring problems with today’s digital projects

If you are an entrepreneur you will know about the infinite number of things you have to manage. The most common one is to find the people who are directly responsible for building your business – designers and developers. An entrepreneur is looking for a partner not just an agency who does only what he has been asked to.

The process of finding a vendor usually is like this: asking friends, consulting colleagues, Googling, posting on Facebook groups, munching on local listing websites, sending pigeons all across with the message and what not! Some are shortlisted and then begins the meeting spree, I think Café Coffee day, Barista and similar joints make the most here! Skype calls spring up for those who cannot actually meet And after all finally entrepreneurs chooses!

Everything seems right in the start but then hitches set in. Communication becomes heated and the charged spirit of creation which both shared in the start turns to an urge of wrapping up the project anyhow. When asked for the reasons to both parties, here is what we get (we are speaking this from over 22 months of experience running an agency):

Entrepreneurs complain about the vendors

- They failed to understand my requirement,

- They failed to meet the timelines etc.

And if we approach the vendors they normally say

- They don’t have clear picture of what they want

- They continue to add more and more functionality, but the budget and deadlines are still same.

So, what is the solution? How an entrepreneur can be assured that the team capable for taking the development is going in the right direction? And how can the vendors maintain the environment in which something great can be delivered?

We are working on that solution, its called Vendorland. Stay tuned!

PS: Solution is based on documenting the project properly and finding that one great Vendor who has done works in that industry and/or has mountain full of passion to work on it.