How is Vendorland different?

Since we have announced the portal and put up the landing page, we have been receiving some really good vibes from the community. While most of them welcome the concept, many of the curious minds ask us,

‘How is this different from x?’

‘Whats your thinking behind making another marketplace?’

‘Why do you think it will work?’

After we received a lot of questions about how we are different, we decided to just write it down in a blog post!

Vendorland differentiates itself from other sites by making it very easy for entrepreneurs and vendors to express themselves. We believe it works best when they know well about each other, and this would reflect in the design of our profiles. We are making the profiles in a way that will take only a couple of minutes to understand an evaluate the person with whom you are going to do business with.

Posting a requirement will double as a supportive form for entrepreneurs to validate their idea, understand the terms and give them an uncluttered way to note down the important points.

Vendorland will be invite based till we reach a cluster of about 200 vendors.  We would be looking for most qualified vendors by their existing online presence and portfolio. Our parameters of judging would revolve around how talented, trained and motivated the vendor is. Once they are in, the platform for showcasing themselves and tools for sharing their experiences will create a healthy community. Design colonies, development hamlets, animation townships how does this sound to you?

Vendorland is for the entrepreneurs who have respect for the people who work for them and are ready to reward them with the fair sum of money. I repeat ‘fair’, not premium. And unlike other sites, Vendorland will not force Vendors to race to the bottom and work for extreme less. If needed, we would be educating entrepreneurs to regulate the budget and helping vendors to economically flourish by increasing efficiency. So yes, that way we are very different from other websites, you will only find those entrepreneurs who are serious about executing their ideas. No mass requirement posting, no hundreds of vendors jumping on it and adding up the confusion.

Vendorland is and will be constantly working on to bring resources to facilitate the process that leads to successful project completion. Starting from sharing contract documents, proposal documents, project management sheets, SRS documents, invoicing formats to developing apps that help both parties communicate well. We are looking for associations with helpful web based applications to give heavy discounts to our members, hope we crack them soon.

And on top of all Vendorland is made with pure love and attention, we used our experience of working as an agency and being active in this field since almost three years from now. So there are some differentiating secrete sauces added up while making of portal and there are lots more in cooking. So thanks for reading this and hope to see you soon at Vendorland.

And yes, if you still have some unanswered queries or in case this post has multiplied your questions. Lets take those in the comment section below!