Vendorland is coming soon

Entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly important part of the society. Vendorland is made by people who believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship and the power it holds to bring change. The core reason we made vendorland was to connect people who share the same spirit and help each other build new things that matter.

In our journey of over three years as web designers, developers and digital service providers, we repeatedly felt the big gap between entrepreneurs and good vendors. The tedious process of find professionals, general lack of honest consultancy and agony that follows even after you choose a vendor continues to exist. It does not have to be this way. So, during the last three months we have been working overtime apart from our client’s projects to build a place that addresses the problems above. And now, it has reached a point where we can start showing you the portal. We are working with final stages of development and soon will send invites in batches of 50.

Boiled down, Vendorland can be expressed as

‘Better experience for entrepreneurs finding the vendors who build their businesses’.

‘Platform for vendors to showcase themselves, reach to the entrepreneurs who respect their abilities and get better through community assistance.’

So it’s a mission that will help entrepreneurs access the treasure of great vendors who speak their language and share the same spirit. Whether it’s finding developer for static website, a creative person to make your product explainer video or a passionate team to work on your product itself. Vendorland will be the place where you will look at. I invite all who find our thoughts sensible to connect and make it even bigger. Cheers.

  • Manav Dhiman

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